Who's enrolling for health insurance? Not the uninsured

Jan 20, 2014
Our health reporter Dan Gorenstein looks at why it matters.
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Why the medical testing biz is like Gucci handbags

Jan 15, 2014
You'd think with millions of new patients coming in that lab owners would be drooling over their microscopes.
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Obamacare stats show some young folks signed up

Jan 13, 2014
The federal government announced that nearly 2 million people enrolled for health insurance through the federal and state exchanges in December.
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The religious alternative to Obamacare

Jan 10, 2014
An exemption in the Affordable Care Act lets people keep their faith-based alternative without penalties.
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Obamacare backlog: Walgreen's offers month of drugs

Jan 3, 2014
Several pharmacies are offering to provide drugs to folks who've signed up for ACA -- even if their coverage hasn't kicked in yet.
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How Obamacare will change the emergency room

Jan 2, 2014
The Affordable Care Act is supposed to give more people access to primary care doctors, getting them into treatment early.
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The push to educate the newly insured

Jan 1, 2014
Getting health insurance is akin to waking up to a new car in your garage, but not necessarily knowing how to drive. And consumers will be the first ones to tell you, there’s a lot to learn about health insurance.
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Doctors brace for Obamacare patients

Dec 31, 2013
The medical industry is busy with last-minute preparations as millions of new patients sign up for health insurance;
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Over a million sign up for Obamacare, mostly in December

Dec 30, 2013
More than a million people signed up for health insurance between October 1 and December 24
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Obamacare extension catches insurers off guard

Dec 24, 2013
The Obama administration has extended the deadline for people who are signing up for health insurance on the federal exchange, but insurers are having trouble adapting.
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