6 places where buying a Coke hasn't always been easy

Sep 27, 2013
Coke's spread has been far and wide. But some countries have been tougher endeavors for the soda giant.
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As Myanmar opens up, U.S. firms wade in

Nov 19, 2012
President Obama’s visit to Myanmar accompanies an easing of trade restrictions that has U.S. companies stepping into the underdeveloped country.
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Will Obama visit open up Southeast Asia economies?

Nov 19, 2012
The focus of President Obama's visit to the region has been geopolitical but what about the economic gains to be made?
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President's visit to Myanmar poses challenge for China

Nov 19, 2012
Up to now, the government of Myanmar, also known as Burma, has held a cozy economic relationship with China, but President Obama's visit signals the country is looking to diversify its portfolio.
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Sanctions eased, Myanmar attracts businesses

Jul 12, 2012
The country formerly known as Burma, long closed to outsiders and subject to sanctions, is a destination for businesses, especially the oil industry.
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Coca-Cola to enter Myanmar

Jun 15, 2012
Coca-Cola is trying to get one step closer to buying the whole world a coke. This morning the company announced plans to re-enter Myanmar for the first time in more than 60 years.
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As politics shift in Myanmar, so do economics

Apr 2, 2012
Myanmar's foreign minister announced that historic elections in the country have gone smoothly, including apparent victories by pro-Democracy candidates. Also this morning, Myanmar's central bank floated the country's currency for the first time.
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