Covering 'the Rainbow'

Feb 11, 2011
According to the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment of the Arts , no song better defines the 20th century than ...
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REM remix

Feb 9, 2011
The band REM has a new album coming out in March (many among us hope it's great so we can stop listening to Murmur over and over again). To promote...
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Video is "so 2008"

Jan 24, 2011
Says - who's out with a new app that lets you, among other things, dance with people in a 360-degree music video....
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Is the music industry imploding?

Jan 24, 2011
We all know that CD sales are ridiculously low, people just download music now. But the New York Times has a report that indicates maybe the music...
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John uses The Muse to get started on a song

Jan 21, 2011
On today's show, we talk to Burr Settles from Carnegie Mellon University. He's the guy behind The Muse, a site that provides you everything you...
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Music album sales at historic low

Jan 20, 2011
Last week, Taylor Swift had the worst-selling number one album in the last 30 years. Now alternative band Cake tops the charts with just 44,000 copies sold.
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The Hold Steady's Craig Finn tells us what's on his phone

Jan 14, 2011
/**/ I'll be perfectly honest here: The Hold Steady is pretty much my favorite band in the world right now. Has been for several years. I tra...
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The story behind 'Christmas Wrapping'

Dec 24, 2010
Is one of your favorite holiday songs "Christmas Wrapping?" Nate DiMeo has the story behind the music of this semi-holiday classic and two decades of Christmas bonuses.
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Dec 20, 2010
With L.A. traffic, getting to point A to point B always takes a long time. Pharmaceuticals specialist Julie Aiken shares what she listens to when she's stuck in traffic.
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Music blogs hit by piracy crackdown

Dec 14, 2010
A while back we talked about a massive crackdown by the Justice department on websites suspected of trafficking in pirated movies and music. The...
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