Nov 15, 2010
Physician Kevin Ault shared his travel song, "Storms are on the Ocean" by June Carter Cash. He says the bittersweet song makes him think of his...
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Rosanne Cash sings a Cleartune

Nov 8, 2010
Always in tune. Singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash has a celebrity app review.
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Minnesota mom fined $1.5 million for downloading music

Nov 4, 2010
The case of Jammie Thomas-Rassert of Brainerd, Minn. has been dragging on for years. She's the first person to take a lawsuit from the RIAA to a...
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Road Warriors: April Whitney

Oct 11, 2010
April Whitney of Scoot! Magazine shares what song runs through her head as she drives to a scooter rally or is on a long ride with other scooters.
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Extended Playlist: April Whitney

Oct 11, 2010
Posted by Christina Huh For Marketplace, Monday, October 11, 2010 Managing Editor April Whitney is on the road a lot -- whether it's a drive to...
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The Grateful Dead's marketing lessons

Sep 29, 2010
For fans of the Grateful Dead who witnessed their music live, it was more than just a concert. It was a world unto itself. And a new book says there are important marketing lessons to be learned from the way the band operated. The book's co-author, Brian Halligan, takes a look at the band as a business model.
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Listen up, music fans: Shh!

Sep 23, 2010
It's expensive to go to a rock 'n' roll show today -- so let's make sure the experience is worth it. New York Times columnist Ron Lieber has some tips.
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Free public domain classical music on the way

Sep 16, 2010
Aaron Dunn, of the organization Musopen, talks about his project to build a royalty-free library of classical music played by symphony orchestras that you can listen to, make a movie with, and use to sell stuff.
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Weezer tries to go viral by lending themselves to people who have

Sep 14, 2010
The rock band Weezer has a new album out and they're approaching promotion of it in a kind of different way. They've made themselves available to...
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Road Warriors: Amit Chawla

Sep 13, 2010
Software consultant Amit Chawla talks about the song that reminds him about how lucky he is to have his wife and children while he's on the road.
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