Google to launch music store on Wednesday for some reason

Nov 14, 2011
The “for some reason” part comes from the fact that Google doesn’t have all four of the major labels locked up on this endeavor just yet...
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Mid-day Extra: What Live Nation's earnings mean for music

Nov 4, 2011
Live Nation reported quarterly earnings much better than the same point last year. What changed?
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Launching on the defensive

Nov 3, 2011
BBM Music, BlackBerry's music app, just launched. It lets paying subscribers download and play up to 50 songs. You heard me right - five-zero. Wow,...
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Sony buys out Ericsson

Oct 27, 2011
You know all those Sony-Ericsson handset phones that have been kicking around for a while? Forget Ericsson. Sony paid 1.05 billion Euros (that's a...
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Google prepping music store

Oct 20, 2011
Google Music's beta version has been up and running on an invite-only basis since it was announced in May. Until now, the site has been a cloud...
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Why Holiday Albums Still Sell

Oct 18, 2011
Ever wondered why so many holiday albums hit the shelves each season? Because they sell.
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Solving Problems, One Song at a Time

Sep 22, 2011
Need to unload? Or want to help out the emo boy on the bus? Emotional Bag Check is a website that lets strangers suggest songs to cheer other...
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The Sound of Simon

Sep 16, 2011
Does advertising corrupt pop music? WWPSD -- What would Paul Simon do?
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Facebook to launch a new music service

Sep 1, 2011
Because if there's one thing the internet needs is another music service. CNBC was the first to run with this and other outlets are now confirming...
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Beta BlackBerry music service goes live

Aug 26, 2011
We told you last week about the new music service from Research In Motion. Thursday, the cloud-based service launched. You pay $5 a month for 50...
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