Mid-day Extra: Does holiday music make you buy more?

Dec 23, 2011
Does Christmas music help you get into the holiday spirit? It may also affect your wallet.
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Software analyzes 23 characteristics of a song to determine if it will be a hit

Dec 19, 2011
Someone call Vanilla Ice! It's not too late!
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Dec 14, 2011
Oh great. More music.
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The score of Central Park

Dec 8, 2011
Wear comfortable shoes for this walk in the park
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The score of Central Park

Dec 8, 2011
Location-specific tunes
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Spotify adds apps

Dec 1, 2011
Read Rolling Stone while you listen
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Logo/Date/? : Spotify copies a popular format

Nov 22, 2011
Something launching, we guess.
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Google music store launches today

Nov 16, 2011
Will it change everything? Or, you know, not?
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Google to launch music store on Wednesday for some reason

Nov 14, 2011
The “for some reason” part comes from the fact that Google doesn’t have all four of the major labels locked up on this endeavor just yet...
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