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J.C. Penney sales plunge amid 'bumpy transition'

Feb 28, 2013
J.C. Penney had another tough quarter. Sales were down 28 percent -- more than half a billion dollars.
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Martha Stewart back in court

Feb 25, 2013
The designer Martha Stewart gave Macy's exclusive rights to her product line and then partnered with JC Penney for a Martha Stewart boutique. Now Macy's is suing.
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Discount shoppers rejoice! Penney's in sales surrender

Jan 30, 2013
A year ago, retailer J.C. Penney announced a new strategy to cut so-called "everyday" prices by about 40 percent, while reducing the number of sales a month. The company has had to walk back those plans as shoppers remained addicted to sales.
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Retailers curb online shopping with in-store deals

Oct 15, 2012
Brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy, Target, and JC Penney, have an idea to compete with online rivals like Amazon. They are going to match their prices during the holiday shopping season.
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What we can learn from JCPenney's loss

Aug 10, 2012
JCPenney's sales were down 22 percent last quarter -- blamed in large part on the company's new pricing strategy. What's next for the retailer?
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JCPenney reports second quarter of big losses

Aug 10, 2012
JCPenney is reporting big losses today. Sales were down almost 22 percent last quarter. That's the second straight quarter of steep declines.
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Closed JCPenney is an unlikely symbol of civic pride

Aug 9, 2012
It's a familiar story -- a small town rallies to protest a national retail outlet. This isn't that story.
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JCPenney adds sales, after dropping them

May 31, 2012
JCPenney unveiled a new pricing strategy in January that largely scrapped sales. One bad quarter later, discounts are creeping back in.
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JC Penney stock falls after big quarterly loss

May 16, 2012
JC Penney stock is currency down percent after the company reported that customer traffic is down, sales are down, and the quarterly loss was bigger than expected. The company had hired Ron Johnson, the man behind Apple Stores, to make JC Penney more fashionable.
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CEO Ron Johnson on revamping JC Penney

Feb 1, 2012
JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson, formerly of Target and Apple, explains how he hopes to move the company forward -- in part by looking back to the heyday of department stores.
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