Personal finance bloggers check in

Feb 6, 2009
Tess Vigeland brings back three personal finance bloggers she talked to last fall to hear how they and their followers are now faring as economic conditions have worsened.
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Obama touts stimulus plan via e-mails

Feb 3, 2009
President Obama is trying to turn his successful online political campaign into a movement. He's sent millions of e-mails to supporters, asking them to gather and talk about the economic stimulus bill in Congress. Steve Henn reports.
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A helpful new tool for stimulus tracking

Feb 2, 2009
For anyone curious about where stimulus money is going, now has a tool that breaks down spending on dozens of recent federal initiatives. The site will be updated constantly. Danielle Karson reports.
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New Yahoo CEO is searching for profits

Jan 27, 2009
Yahoo needs to figure out a way to generate more revenue amidst a slashed advertising budget and thousands of new layoffs. New CEO Carol Bartz says the key is to capitalize on its search business. Janet Babin reports.
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A strong quarter for Netflix

Jan 26, 2009
Netflix profits are getting help from consumers willing to trade down a night at the movies for a rented flick at home. But Blockbuster may chip away at those earnings when it expands its digital business. Rico Gagliano reports.
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AOL dials up a change in structure

Jan 12, 2009
AOL is adapting to a changing Internet by consolidating all of its Web 'zines under a single unit. The new strategy could lead to more advertising dollars. Janet Babin reports.
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Amid retail slump, Amazon's flying high

Dec 26, 2008
The top online retailer says it's had its best holiday shopping season. How was Amazon able to buck the trend of one of the worst holiday retail periods ever? Steve Henn reports.
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When athletes must part with the prize

Dec 23, 2008
Sometimes paying the bills means parting with something valuable. For professional athletes, that could mean pawning that hard-earned -- but quite bedazzled -- championship ring. Dan Grech reports what's for sale.
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It's cheaper if it was taken into custody

Dec 23, 2008
Your local police department has to do something with all that confiscated evidence and those stolen goods that go without a claim. Why not benefit? Cash Peters visited the people at, a police auction Web site.
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RIAA revises illegal-download fight

Dec 19, 2008
For years the Recording Industry Association of America has been suing netizens, accusing them of illegally sharing music files. But that era now seems to have met the fate of 8-tracks and cassettes. Rico Gagliano reports.
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