Bustling has slowed for online stores

Jul 14, 2009
The increased competition among online stores has forced many e-retailers to slash their prices. That's hurt month-to-month sales growth, which has been negative since February. Dan Grech looks into which Web stores are holding up.
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How to find a cyber culprit

Jul 9, 2009
Bill Radke talks to professor Peter Sommer, cyber terrorism expert at the London School of Economics and Political Science, about how difficult it is to assess who's behind the South Korean Web site attacks.
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U.S., South Korea hunt cyber attackers

Jul 9, 2009
Officials are trying to find the source of a new wave of cyber attacks on Web sites in the U.S. and South Korea. There's speculation that North Korea is behind the attacks, but sourcing a cyber offensive can be tricky. Dan Grech reports.
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Examining Google as a 'giant killer'

Jul 8, 2009
How strong of an impact will Google's new operating system have on Microsoft's business? Bill Radke attends to the issue with Henry Blodget, editor of The Business Insider.
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Google takes on Microsoft with OS

Jul 8, 2009
Google has announced plans to release its own operating system, a month after Microsoft launched a search engine. The move has raised questions about Google's dominance in computing. Dan Grech reports.
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'Smart grid' may have safety blind spot

Jul 7, 2009
Microsoft launched a free program this week that lets you track and change your energy consumption down to individual appliances. But what's being called the "smart grid" may be leaving the door open to cyber attacks. Sam Eaton reports.
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Microsoft tries to plug holes in Windows

Jun 23, 2009
Microsoft is giving away new computer security software that attempts to fix glitches in Windows. The real challenge for the software maker will be improving its image on security issues. Bob Moon reports.
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Employers can still find deleted photos

Jun 22, 2009
Think it's weird of your employer to ask for the passwords to your social networking profiles? One employer in Bozeman, Mont. doesn't think so. Jeff Tyler reports your online life isn't so invisible to employers anyway.
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Facebook to allow unique user URLs

Jun 12, 2009
Starting tonight, Facebook users can choose their own URL. This will make profiles easier to find in search engines and to remember. Mitchell Hartman reports why it won't be far-fetched to start seeing Facebook URLs on business cards.
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Don't like censorship? Stay out of China

Jun 4, 2009
Chinese net police have cut off access to sites like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter on the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square firings. But some say it's just the cost of doing business in China. Scott Tong reports.
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