FCC wants rules on net neutrality

Sep 21, 2009
The Federal Communications Commission wants new rules to govern Internet traffic that would require net neutrality. But the major telecom firms say it could stand in the way of innovation. Tamara Keith reports.
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Google launches display-ad market

Sep 18, 2009
Thanks to Google, your favorite Web sites might get a lot more ad-heavy. That's because the search giant just launched a new online-ad marketplace. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Web users resist China's latest software

Sep 17, 2009
Chinese Web users are complaining about China's latest Internet filtering software, Green Dam, which has been known to leak and crash computers. Many places required to install the software aren't using it. Scott Tong reports.
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Facebook status update: We're profiting

Sep 16, 2009
For the first time ever, Facebook is making a profit. When did it figure out how to do that? Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Facebook managed to make money

Sep 16, 2009
In a blog post yesterday, Facebook announced that it's finally making enough cash to cover its costs. While that doesn't mean it's turning a profit, analysts say it's a good sign if the company wants to go public. Amy Scott reports.
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'Books' would tell Google about you

Sep 10, 2009
A House Committee is looking into the Google Books settlement today. Google has already scanned millions of titles but objections to the deal could throw a wrench into the online library. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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E.U. not keen on Google Books

Sep 7, 2009
The European Commission is holding a hearing today on Google Books, which wants to put millions of books online. European publishers, authors and others fear they could lose rights in the digital books deal. Stephen Beard reports.
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YouTube considers fees for films

Sep 3, 2009
YouTube is talking with major studios about streaming films online for a fee. Studios could benefit by gaining access to new viewers, as YouTube has garnered about 40 percent of the online video market. Sam Eaton reports.
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A quick way for UBS clients to fess up

Sep 2, 2009
Swiss bank UBS agreed to a legal settlement to reveal the identities of about 4,500 clients. And a new link on the bank's Web site allows American clients to voluntarily share their secret account information with the IRS. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Deal puts Skype value at $2.75B

Sep 1, 2009
Online phone program Skype have been valued at $2.75 billion by a private investment group. Bill Radke goes over the eBay deal with Peter Kafka from All Things Digital, who says this looks like a pretty good deal.
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