Store your personal info in a 'cloud'

Apr 24, 2009
Internet-based "clouds" allow you to store personal data online, so you can access it anywhere. But is this new method safe? Declan McCullagh of CNET attended a conference on the subject and explains the pros and cons.
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YouTube success story not paying cash

Apr 22, 2009
Susan Boyle's appearance on TV competition "Britain's Got Talent" is well on its way to being the most watched video ever on YouTube. But the clip still hasn't generated money for the site. Joel Rose reports.
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YouTube turning on to TV shows

Apr 17, 2009
YouTube is partnering with Sony, CBS, the BBC and others to bring free TV shows, movies and other professionally-created content to its viewers. The move is an effort to attract bigger ad revenue. Dan Grech reports.
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France looks at net piracy crackdown

Apr 10, 2009
France is considering a law that would ban illegal downloaders from the Internet after three strikes. Stephen Beard reports the French president may have the will to enact the law because of French first lady Carla Bruni's singing career.
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Are the days of Web freeloading over?

Apr 8, 2009
Kodak, one of the major online photo repositories, will soon start charging user fees at the risk of photo deletion. Are Web fees for formerly free sites becoming the norm? Renita Jablonski talks to LA Times business columnist David Lazarus.
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Asian game companies run up scores

Apr 2, 2009
Chinese online game company Changyou has gone public, with a strong response from investors. The Asian gaming industry is thriving despite the global recession. It's a business model that has some Western rivals envious. Scott Tong reports.
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Where Skype and mobile will connect

Mar 31, 2009
It might seem like Skype will get the edge on AT&T with its new application for iPhone, but the app will only work where there's an Internet connection. Jeremy Hobson explains the technicalities involved.
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Twittering your business away

Mar 31, 2009
Twitter has made a quick name for itself in the business world as a handy tool for entrepreneurs. Mitchell Hartman explores the unique ways different businesses use the tool -- and tries his own hand at tweeting.
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Iceland will keep your servers cool

Mar 27, 2009
Hoping to heat up its economy again after the fall of its biggest banks, Iceland is embarking on a new innovation: data farming. Stephen Beard explores why this idea works and is actually kind of cool.
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President considers all online questions

Mar 26, 2009
President Obama will hold a virtual press conference on the economy later this morning, with the questions coming from the public. John Dimsdale explores how the online forum is giving the public new access to people in power.
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