Mid-day Update: Oil prices surge with unrest in Libya, Egyptian businesses reopen

Feb 21, 2011
Over the weekend, businesses, schools, banks and museums reopened for business in Egypt. Many businesses offered deep discounts to encourage...
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Internet dating is big business

Feb 21, 2011
The online dating industry has been flat in recent years, but still generates a billion dollars in revenue.
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Woman swears off Internet for six months

Feb 18, 2011
A journalism professor goes offline, and finds her relationships suffer and shopping a chore.
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More than a quarter of all Americans still don't use the Internet

Feb 17, 2011
Results of a federal survey on Net connectivity out today suggest that more than a quarter of all Americans still do not use the Internet, and as...
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Dangers in daily deal overdose

Feb 16, 2011
The trend of online daily deal websites continues to grow. How many can the market take before consumers get turned off?
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Administration pumps $25 million into Internet freedom

Feb 15, 2011
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailed the Obama Administration's plan in a speech today. The money will go to help dissidents evade Internet firewalls and e-mail surveillance in autocratic countries. It will also fund more efforts by the State Department to use social networks like Twitter.
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How JCPenney possibly rigged Google's search algorithm

Feb 14, 2011
David Segal of the New York Times talks about his discovery that retailer JCPenney had possibly rigged Google's search algorithm using search engine optimization.
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Internet domain names to go on sale

Feb 9, 2011
Dot this: New domains have a high price but create bigger resale market for websites.
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FCC proposes changes to rural subsidy program

Feb 8, 2011
The FCC is expected to vote today on a subsidy change involving phone and internet service in rural areas. Americans already pay a small fee on their phone bill for service to remote areas. Now, the FCC hopes to use that money to pay for high speed internet access in rural areas instead. David Gura reports.
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Groupon's Super Bowl ad could backfire in China

Feb 8, 2011
Online coupon site Groupon has been criticized for its commercial that made light of the political controversy between China and Tibet, and drew criticism from Super Bowl viewers -- in the U.S., and now in China. Rob Schmitz reports on how this ad could hurt Groupon's chances of expanding to the world's biggest market.
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