"New" Newsweek hits the stand

Mar 7, 2011
The iconic weekly magazine is now in the hands of a "new media" company. Rick Edmonds, media business analyst at the Poynter Institute, explains what today's relaunch says about the magazine industry.
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Facebook app developers may get access to personal phone numbers

Mar 5, 2011
Marketplace Tech Report host John Moe talks about Facebook's new policy that allows its app developers to obtain phone and address information if users choose to opt in.
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Bing takes second place in Internet search traffic

Mar 3, 2011
Bing has overtaken Yahoo with the second largest amount of search traffic in the world. But Google is still far in the lead.
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Groupon launches China service

Feb 28, 2011
The daily deal site Groupon has been interested in expanding into China for months. And finally, Groupon has opened its Chinese affiliate, The site will initially cover Beijing and Shanghai but the company hopes to grow to cover more of China's 160 cities.
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Google Earth Engine maps 25 years of data

Feb 25, 2011
In an effort to cut global greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations is offering carbon credits in exchange for saving trees. To help end deforestation, Google has compiled 25 years of maps, data, and scientific measurements in its new project, Google Earth Engine. Eve Troeh reports.
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China hopes to prevent protests by blocking search terms

Feb 24, 2011
As the unrest continues in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, the Chinese government has scaled up its control of the Internet to prevent protests in China. The government has called on search engines to block search terms related to the unrest in the Middle East, as Rob Schmitz reports.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: U.S. reviews Middle East arms deals, China moves to discourage protests

Feb 23, 2011
As the unrest in the Middle East continues to escalate today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Obama administration has launched a...
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China moves to squelch potential protests

Feb 23, 2011
As political unrest continues to grow in North Africa, the Chinese government has started to censor information online and detain activists in hopes of avoiding potential protests in China. Rob Schmitz reports that while experts think unrest will not spread to China, an upheaval would be catastrophic for the global economy.
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U.S. considers an Internet kill switch

Feb 21, 2011
In the wake of the unrest in Egypt, the U.S. government is discussing the merits of a switch that would shut the Internet down. When former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak ordered Internet service providers to turn off access to the web in Egypt, the U.S. objected. But if the Internet itself was under attack, should the government have the authority and ability to turn it off? John Dimsdale reports.
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Mid-day Update: Oil prices surge with unrest in Libya, Egyptian businesses reopen

Feb 21, 2011
Over the weekend, businesses, schools, banks and museums reopened for business in Egypt. Many businesses offered deep discounts to encourage...
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