Facebook will learn your face unless you tell it to stop

Jun 9, 2011
Facebook has been rolling out facial recognition software to its users for several months now. And unless you've turned it off, you're available to be recognized.
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World wide warm-up for new Internet backbone

Jun 8, 2011
A major test of a new Internet system called Internet Protocol Version 6, or IPv6, is underway
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Internet shut off in Syria

Jun 3, 2011
That's the news as of a short time ago. The Syrian government says it has shut off all internet access across the country, including on 3G networks...
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Twitter buys AdGrok to boost ad sales

Jun 1, 2011
Twitter announced yesterday that it has acquired the Internet advertising startup AdGrok. The social media site hopes the partnership will boost ad revenue.
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A no-lose, no-cash-out way to gamble

May 30, 2011
Sean Cole looks at a game where people use real money to place bets, even though they know they'll never win. Ever.
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Facebook admits to hiring PR firm to target Google

May 13, 2011
Facebook admitted this week it hired PR firm Burson-Marsteller to start a campaign against Google, rallying journalists as "third parties to verify" claims that Google violates privacy.
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China's Baidu fined for copyright infringement

May 12, 2011
American corporations are investing in Chinese web giants like Baidu. But those same websites are stealing content and copyrighted material from other American firms.
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China's internet to be more tightly controlled. In other news, water to get more wet.

May 5, 2011
China has established a new State Internet Information Office to control what's going on online. In the past, internet control has been part of the...
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An upside to data collection

Apr 26, 2011
University of Chicago economist Richard Thaler discusses why he believes businesses that collect our data should give it back to us so that we can use it.
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Twitter's all grown up

Apr 19, 2011
There are reports that Twitter is looking to buy Tweetdeck for $50 million. That app feeds off of Twitter and makes it better.
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