Building a digital legacy for your children

Dec 9, 2011
One father discusses why he bought a digital trust fund for his newborn daughter.
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Why your Internet connection is so *#$@!' slow

Nov 15, 2011
We've all suffered from BDDS at one time or another. Back-to-Dialup Delay Syndrome strikes during the peak hours of 8:45-10:45 in the evening. And Netflix gets a big chunk of the blame!
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No Internet, no grade

Nov 4, 2011
Idaho just became the first state to require that all high school students must earn at least two credits from online courses. The new rule, which...
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The Internet weighs as much as a strawberry

Nov 1, 2011
On today's show, we told you about how a fully loaded Kindle weighs a bit more than one with no books on it. How much more? A billionth OF a...
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The power to run the Internet

Oct 26, 2011
Efficiency efforts to bring down global computing power consumption may be better pointed elsewhere.
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Two students on the drawbacks to social networking

Sep 27, 2011
College junior Asha Richardson and high school student Bianca Brooks discuss online privacy and whether they would ever leave social networking sites.
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Facebook is tracking you whether you're logged on, logged off, or not even a Facebook user

Sep 27, 2011
Facebook is all about sharing. The new version of the site will spill the beans on the music you listen to and the articles you read. Meanwhile, the company is collecting more information on you than you may have realized.
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Net neut rules hit the books today

Sep 23, 2011
The Federal Communications Commission's rules on net neutrality are finally official. The rules state that Internet Service Providers can't prefer...
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Solving Problems, One Song at a Time

Sep 22, 2011
Need to unload? Or want to help out the emo boy on the bus? Emotional Bag Check is a website that lets strangers suggest songs to cheer other...
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Broadband comes to the heartland... slowly.

Aug 22, 2011
USDA to announce help for many still dialing up.
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