U.S. ag secretary on the drought's effect on food prices

Aug 9, 2012
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack discusses what the drought will mean for farmers and food prices, and the administration's plans to try and help.
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Midwest drought parches the ranching industry

Aug 6, 2012
Out on the plains, drought is parching everything from corn to cattle. And when the prairie grass burns up, so does a business model that depends on it: ranching.
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Crop failed? There's insurance for that

Aug 3, 2012
Even in severe drought, farmers who grow commodity crops such as corn and soybeans are significantly protected by insurance they buy from private insurers. The ultimate insurer in a disastrous year? Taxpayers.
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Drought hits bread basket's food banks

Aug 1, 2012
Food banks across the plains are being hit with a triple whammy -- fewer donations from farmers, a decline in donations from the federal government and an uptick in demand.
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Drought takes toll on river transport cities

Aug 1, 2012
Because of the drought, there is only one shipping lane on the Mississippi. So the barges on the river have to coordinate in a way they’ve never had to.
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How the drought has been affecting you

Jul 31, 2012
Our listeners weigh in on how the devastating drought in the Midwest has changed the way they do business.
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Drought could push farmers to ditch the till

Jul 26, 2012
Many farmers in Tennessee tend their fields without tills to cut down on erosion, but they've found that their method also helps conserve water during droughts.
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The drought to affect prices at the supermarket

Jul 25, 2012
Expect the prices for meat and dairy goods to rise as the Midwest drought continues.
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Outside of drought areas, farmers predict strong year

Jul 24, 2012
Farmers who've escaped the drought are pulling in high prices for their crops.
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U.S. drought could have global impact on food prices

Jul 20, 2012
As one of the world's biggest agricultural exporter, the drought in the U.S. could impact food prices worldwide. In recent years, high food prices have initiated destabilization of the Middle East as well as Haiti.
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