Paris Air Show wowed by crop-duster

Jun 18, 2009
It was a dull and gloomy Paris Air Show, and then came the AT-802 -- a machine-gun totting, bomb-friendly crop-duster. But why would a plane used for farming need James Bond technology? Stephen Beard reports.
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Cloudy skies for world's airlines

Jun 15, 2009
The mood at the Paris Air Show today is gloomy, and it's not just the rain. Besides the recent Air France crash, the economy is taking its toll on the airline industry to the tune of $9 billion in losses. Stephen Beard reports.
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Airbus A380 faces industry challenges

Jun 9, 2009
Even before last week's Air France tragedy, Airbus was struggling with nagging production delays and customers having second thoughts about jetliner purchases. Bob Moon covers what obstacles the company faces now.
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Detroit puts its hopes in the air

Jun 5, 2009
When Delta Airlines merged with Northwest earlier this year, it made Detroit the second-largest hub for the world's largest airline. And that can help put the city on the map away from its struggling auto industry. Sarah Hulett reports.
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Battle brewing to make United planes

Jun 4, 2009
United Airlines is taking advantage of low prices in a down economy. The airline wants to add 150 planes to its fleet, and has asked two manufacturers to come up with the best price. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Where crash will affect airline industry

Jun 2, 2009
Brazilian military pilots say they've found debris from the Air France aircraft crash. Steve Chiotakis talks to Darrell Jenkins, an independent airline industry expert, who explains how this will affect the summer flying season.
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A silver lining for British Airways

May 22, 2009
British Airways announced the worst loss in its history at $600 million, and the airline doesn't see things improving any time soon. But this could help the carrier win approval for an alliance with American Airlines. Stephen Beard reports.
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U.S. labor, E.U. clash on aviation bill

May 21, 2009
The E.U. opposes a major aviation bill on foreign aircraft repair stations in Congress, claiming it's a move to save American jobs. But U.S. labor unions backing the bill argue many foreign countries are not as rigorous on safety. Stephen Beard reports.
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Ryanair passengers face new fees

May 20, 2009
Irish low-cost airline Ryan Air is introducing some new fees today, including one where passengers will be charged for checking in online. Stephen Beard reports what else the carrier may ding its customers.
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Dreamliner debuting to sky-high hopes

May 19, 2009
It's a few years behind schedule, but Boeing is finally preparing the 787 Dreamliner for its maiden flight sometime next month. And for Boeing's sake, the aircraft had better fly like a dream. Deborah Wang reports.
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