Airline industry improves outlook, will earn $2.5 billion

Jun 7, 2010
The International Air Transport Association forecast $2.5 billion for the airline industry this year, a direct reversal of its prior outlook.
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Summer air travel's up, and so are fares

Jun 1, 2010
This summer, stronger travel demand is going to run smack dab into a much smaller airline industry and all the crowded flights that will entail. Jeff Horwich reports.
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A busier travel season this summer?

May 28, 2010
With summer kicking off this Memorial Day weekend, Steve Chiotakis talks to Anne Banas of to get a forecast on this summer's travel industry and tips on how to save before you hit the road or take to the air.
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Industries keep eye on financial reform

May 28, 2010
It's just not Wall Steeters who are keeping a close eye on the financial reform bills Congress is reconciling, but car dealers, farmers and airlines. Steve Chiotakis speaks to Marketplace's Washington correspondent, Nancy Marshall-Genzer.
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United, Continental testify in Senate on merger

May 27, 2010
Continental and United CEOs are testifying before the Senate committee on the merger between Continental and United.
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Iraqi Airways closing over Kuwait dispute

May 26, 2010
The Iraqi government has said it will close the state-owned Iraqi Airways after declaring it bankrupt. Iraq's transportation ministry said the airline would be closed following a damaging dispute with Kuwait over war reparations.
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British Airways flight attendants strike against cut travel perks

May 24, 2010
British Airways cabin crews have begun a work strike in response to BA's threats to cut their travel perks. The carrier is attempting to make up for a $1.5 billion loss. Stephen Beard follows the story.
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A history of in-flight food

May 19, 2010
Rico Gagliano gives a brief history of the rise -- and fall -- of in-flight food, given Continental's recent announcement that it, too, will join the no-food-for-you club.
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BA tries to stop latest cabin crew strike

May 17, 2010
Travelers using some of Europe's busiest airports face major disruption today. A cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland is back in the air. And British Airways passengers face trouble too. The latest phase of a strike is due to begin tomorrow. Stephen Beard reports.
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What are checked baggage fees for?

May 14, 2010
Charles Wheelan, a disgruntled airline passenger, talks to Tess Vigeland about his lawsuit over a $25 checked baggage fee, after United Airlines lost his bag.
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