Would you want a "families-only" section on airplanes?

Aug 26, 2010
Ever been on a plane and had to sit near a screaming baby or rambunctious kids? Yeah, not fun. But have you ever wished families would just have...
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American Airlines hit with huge fine

Aug 20, 2010
Federal regulators plan to slap a $25 million penalty against American Airlines for canceled flights and maintenance problems from 2008. Reporter Gregory Warner talks the details with Bill Radke.
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Do more 747s signal airline recovery?

Aug 12, 2010
Airlines trimmed their fleets as the recession hit and stored their planes in the desert. But cargo and passenger volume are up, so a few major airlines are pulling mothballed 747s out of storage and back into service. Janet Babin reports on what that means for the industry.
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The role of flight attendants

Aug 10, 2010
Darryl Jenkins, founder of, talks with Bob Moon about how the job of the flight attendant has changed over the years -- in light of the strange case of the JetBlue flight attendant who stormed off the job through his plane's emergency slide at JFK airport in New York.
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The DC-3 is still in demand

Aug 5, 2010
The DC-3 is still around and kicking, even though the last one was made in the 1940's. The plane is credited with shaping today's commercial airline industry.
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New security rules will apply to cargo flying with passengers

Jul 30, 2010
Beginning next week, all shipments that fly along with passengers on commercial planes must be screened for security. The shipping industry has had a few years to work up to the new rules, but there have been some setbacks.
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Plane makers vie for Boeing, Airbus market share

Jul 28, 2010
While orders for new planes have been brisk for Boeing and rival Airbus, many believe the days of the two companies dominating the aerospace market could be numbered.
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Three-hour tarmac rule makes more delays

Jul 20, 2010
The Department of Transportation levied heavy fines against airlines that leave passengers waiting on the tarmac for more than three hours, which led to a decrease in long tarmac delays -- but increased flight cancellations.
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Passenger plane sales could fly higher this year

Jul 19, 2010
At this year's Farnborough Air Show, the aircraft industry is showing a little more confidence.
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E.U. backs AMR, BA merger

Jul 14, 2010
An E.U. decision means British Airways and American Airlines will function as one on their trans-Atlantic routes.
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