POLL: What new fees could air passengers see in 2011?

Jan 24, 2011
Passengers have become accustomed to additional airline fees. The modern traveler doesn't blink an eye at a $25 checked-baggage fee, or an $8 in-...
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What American Airlines leaving Orbitz means for consumers

Jan 20, 2011
American Airlines says it will no longer list fares on Orbitz. And it's not the only airline doing this. Geroge Hobica of Airfare Watchdog talks with Tess Vigeland about how this may impact travelers who want to book their own flights.
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Airlines sue Chicago to stop O'Hare expansion

Jan 19, 2011
Chicago wants to expand O'Hare to meet future needs, but United and American Airlines don't want to pay for that while business is still bumpy.
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Delta tests out silent auction for overbooked fliers

Jan 14, 2011
Flights are more crowded than ever, and that means many fliers could get bumped from an overbooked plane. To deal with this, Delta is trying out a sort of silent auction, where passengers can state what it would take for them to voluntarily give up their seat.
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Attention from regulators may be costing Google business

Jan 14, 2011
After news came that Google was trying to buy out a airline data firm, the U.S. Justice Department started looking into the deal. Google's used to government attention, but it may also now be costing the company some business. Steve Henn explains.
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Controversial Airbus revamp proves successful

Jan 12, 2011
Many criticized Airbus's announcement to upgrade the A320 NEO with a more fuel efficient engine. According to Airbus rival, Boeing, most airlines would prefer to wait for an all-new model. However in light of a recent sale, Boeing may be following in Airbus's footsteps. Stephen Beard explains.
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Get ready to find your own low airline fare

Jan 6, 2011
Airlines and online travel agents are battling over who should offer fare information, and in turn, get that money. So where does that leave the deal-loving traveler? The L.A. Times' David Lazarus talks to Jeremy Hobson about the details.
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Can't get a real person on the phone? Tweet your complaint!

Dec 31, 2010
The horrible wait music, the obnoxiously cheerful voice assuring you that a representative will be with you in a moment -- when you've already waited for half an hour? You may be able to skip that by tweeting. Some companies are opting to respond to customer complaints via Twitter.
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A tale of getting stuck on the runway

Dec 28, 2010
Snowy weather has been creating a mess at airports all over the country, but it seems the people stranded inside the airport are the lucky ones. Matthew Bishop of The Economist magazine was stranded on the runway for 7.5 hours, and tells Bob Moon about the ordeal.
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Airlines are taking out the middlemen in ticket sales

Dec 22, 2010
American Airlines pulled out from Orbitz, the airline tickets deals website, and other airlines are following suit and pulling out of similar sites too. This may affect how travelers buy their passes.
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