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News Corp. is considering splitting the publishing side of the business from the entertainment side. The travel discount site Orbitz is apparently showing Apple users pricier options than their PC counterparts. The Supreme Court's decision on the fate of President Obama's health care plan is coming this Thursday, but for Washington policy wonks and those in the health care industry, the anticipation alone might kill them first. Meanwhile,  SCOTUSblog covers the waiting game live. And Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner explains why he thinks we should look to our counterparts in Europe to see how politicians can begin to play nice.

Lawyers and lobbyists play waiting game

With the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act pushed until Thursday, the usual parlor game of guessing what the justices will decide has become something of a waiting game, too.
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Packed court docket is a boom for SCOTUSblog

A series of high-profile decisions from the Supreme Court this term have meant a giant jump in traffic and attention for the SCOTUSblog.
Posted In: Supreme Court, Affordable Care Act

News Corp. may become two separate companies

Rupert Murdoch’s troubled company is considering splitting the entertainment side of the business from the publishing business.
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Drought conditions hit Rocky Mountain tourism

Colorado got only 2 percent of its normal snowpack, which means low rivers this summer. But what's bad for rafting guides is good for fishermen.
Posted In: colorado, tourism, drought, fishing, rafting

Deciding who gets what after a tragedy

How much to pay victims after tragedies like 9/11 and the BP oil spill.
Posted In: Kenneth Feinberg, compensation

University of Virginia reinstates Teresa Sullivan

After an outcry on campus and elsewhere, the UVA president was given back her job.
Posted In: University of Virginia, Teresa Sullivan

Marketers start to make sense of Big Data

Online travel site Orbitz offers pricier hotels to Apple computer users after data shows they tend to pay more than Windows PC owners.
Posted In: advertising, marketing, apple

George Soros predicts an EU armageddon

The billionaire investor said yesterday there's not a lot of time left for Europe to fix its debt crisis.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, George Soros

How the U.S. can fix its political infighting

By taking a note from our neighbors in Great Britain. Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner explains why he thinks U.S. Congress should borrow the U.K. tradition of the Prime Minister's Question Time.
Posted In: prime minister, politics, Congress

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