Marketplace Morning Report for Monday August 25, 2014

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What's called a "Black Swan event" is when something hard to predict rears up and creates extreme havoc. Now, the man who runs an international umbrella organization for financial markets is quoted warning about future cyber attacks. Plus, there's word now of a possible merger between Burger King of Florida and Tim Horton's of Ontario, Canada. Reuters is reporting the deal, if it happens, would be move Burger King's tax headquarters out of the US using a controversial but legal tax maneuver known as an "inversion." These inversions allow corporations to escape high U.S. corporate taxes. But they also saddle shareholders with higher tax bills.  

Sony recovers from cyber-attack

A twitter user both claimed responsibility for the attack and tweeted a bomb scare.
Posted In: Sony, playstation

PODCAST: Nadella's vision for Microsoft

Hacking into Sony, a new Windows, and Fukushima exports rice.

It's still summer, but gas prices haven't spiked

Gas prices often rise just in time for summer road trips, but not this year.
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Inversions can hit small investors with a big tax bill

When companies move abroad, some shareholders must pay for a big capital gain.
Posted In: IRS, corporate inversion

What will Windows 9 say about Microsoft's new CEO?

The next version of Windows could reveal a lot about Satya Nadella's vision.
Posted In: Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, windows

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