Marketplace Money for Friday, September 7, 2012

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You've always heard that student debt is the one thing you cannot get rid of in bankruptcy. Turns out, there are exceptions -- but not many. We'll hear what the courts are saying to people who declare themselves "hopeless." It's easy to always feel like you never have enough money. Even wealthy people claim there's just never enough. Why? Actor Hill Harper on curing our financial ills. And we'll hear from a married couple about what it's like to have a relationship that moonlights as a business partnership.

Who's responsible for your happiness at work?

Is it your boss or co-workers? Commentator Teresa Ambile weighs in.
Posted In: Work, workplace, bosses, coworkers

When it comes to home insurance, read the fine print

Consumer advocates warn that some home insurers have been holding premiums steady by providing less coverage.
Posted In: home insurance

Student loans and bankruptcy

All kinds of loans can get dismissed in bankruptcy work, except for student loans. But there are some exceptions to this rule.
Posted In: student loans, bankruptcy

Narrowing Louisiana's wage gap.

Louisiana has one of the largest pay disparities between men and women in the U.S. But new legislation and a coastal restoration project may help bridge that gap.
Posted In: Wage gap, Louisiana, women, employment

No time like the present to buy a car

Americans are buying more cars this year due to incentives like zero money down, zero percent financing for five or even six years. Learn tips on how to buy your dream car for less.
Posted In: cars, Auto, negotiations

Decisions, decisions, decisions

We all want to be money smart, but who has time to study all that money lingo? The executive editor of broke down all those tough personal finance decisions in a new book.
Posted In: spending

A marriage on and off stage

A couple shares how they manage being each other's spouse and business partner.
Posted In: marriage, business

How to cure the wealth virus

Actor Hill Harper discusses why it is important for everyone -- rich and poor -- to really understand money and its place in our lives.
Posted In: wealth, Money, Personal Finance

It's OK to cry at work

A new study finds that crying at work has no negative impact on your standing with your company or prevent you from being promoted.
Posted In: Crying, employment, women, men

Keep it simple

Bank regulation and personal finance is just as simple as catching a frisbee -- even a dog can do it.
Posted In: bank regulations, Personal Finance

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