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A year ago, Occupy Wall Street began in New York's Zuccotti Park and spread to cities all across the U.S. You couldn't miss hearing about the 99 percent versus the 1 percent on Twitter, Facebook, TV, and the radio. But on the movement's one-year anniversary we ask the question: Did protesters succeed? In fact, banks are still giving money to people who can't afford to pay it back. We're not talking home mortgages here; this time it's car loans. Plus, we talk with two newlyweds and their Rabbi about personal finance. It's the latest in our series on religion and money.

The expense of the synagogue in Jewish faith

Part of our series on life at the intersection of religion and personal finance
Posted In: religion, Money, Judaism

To a football fan with financial savvy

One football fan in Ann Arbor, Michigan finds a way to pay for his renovation with upscale tailgating.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, college football, Wolverines

An age-old pre-occupation: The fountain of youth

There's a price to be paid for aging gracefully
Posted In: Senior moment, youth, Retirement
A groundskeeper waters flowers.

Paying for beauty in a drought

It's not easy to maintain a beautiful lawn...especially when there's no water.
Posted In: gardening, water, drought

Getting advertised sale price easier said than done

David Segal, a.k.a. The Haggler at the New York Times has a cautionary tale for those looking for great deals.
Posted In: sales, bait and ditch

Lasting legacy of Occupy Wall Street remains unclear

Social movements come and go -- will Occupy Wall Street be one that lasts? Or has it already dissipated? Also, listen to letters that Occupiers wrote to financial institutions.
Posted In: Occupy movement, tea party, politics, society

Dear Big Banks, from Occupy Wall Street

Letters written during the Occupy Wall Street movement provide insight into what sparked the protests one year ago.
Posted In: Occupy Wall Street

Longer loans allow consumers to stretch their budgets

Six and seven-year car loans are increasingly popular, though they come at a higher price over the long term.
Posted In: auto loan, car loan, Mustang

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