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Tribunal expected to uphold Calderon win

Scott Jagow | Sep 5, 2006
Mexico's election court is expected to make a final decision today that conservative Felipe Calderon did win the presidency, but another legal battle looms: Businesses there are suing his opponent.
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When did everything get so cute?

| Sep 5, 2006
Seems like you can buy a toy-like version or accessory for just about every product imaginable these days. Author and commentator Christopher Noxon ponders the consumer trend of toyification.

Growing demand tests organic standards

Sam Eaton | Sep 5, 2006
The organic food industry is starting to face some growing pains — and some consumer backlash — as its popularity surges. Sam Eaton explains.

Summer travel roundup

Rachel Dornhelm | Sep 5, 2006
The summer vacation season is over, so Rachel Dornhelm looks at how things shaped up for the hospitality industry.

Kids won't outgrow obesity

Helen Palmer | Sep 5, 2006
A study out today finds that medically obese infants and toddlers are five times more likely to be overweight when they reach puberty. And that could have a huge financial impact, Helen Palmer reports.
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Congress back in session

Hilary Wicai | Sep 5, 2006
Lawmakers return to Washington this week after a long summer recess, and the clock is ticking on efforts to reach agreement on next year's budget. But don't expect much until after election season, Hillary Wicai reports.
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BP gets an ombudsman

Stephen Beard | Sep 5, 2006
British oil giant BP has appointed a former US District Judge to act as a company ombudsman who will hear complaints from BP workers in Alaska and elsewhere. Stephen Beard reports.
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Exceptional caregiving

Hilary Wicai | Sep 5, 2006
Hillary Wicai looks at how some companies are offering employees more flexibility to care for chronically ill loved ones.
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Airbus takes workers for a ride

Sam Eaton | Sep 4, 2006
The world's largest passenger jet, the Airbus A380, took off with a full load of passengers for the first time today — about 470 of its own employees. San Eaton reports.
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Preventing piracy on the high seas

Miranda Kennedy | Sep 4, 2006
Pirates attacked over 250 ships off the coasts of Asia and Africa last year. Today an agreement goes into effect to try to combat the modern-day outlaws equipped with ship-tracking systems and machine guns. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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