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ATM turns 40

Janet Babin | Jun 26, 2007
The automated teller machine made its debut in North London 40 years ago tomorrow and, just like that, no more racing to the bank on Friday to ensure sufficient weekend cash flow. Janet Babin has the story.

Sorry Britain, BAE probe's a go

Stephen Beard and Lisa Napoli | Jun 26, 2007
The U.S. Department of Justice officially launched its probe into an alleged arms deal bribery scandal involving British defense contractor BAE. This is a major embarrassment for one of our closest political allies, Stephen Beard explains.
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Big Oil ready to say adios to Venezuela?

| Jun 26, 2007
Venezuela today will sign nationalization pacts with foreign oil companies. Meaning the government takes over part of the companies' holdings in oil projects there. But a couple big names may throw in the towel instead. Brian Ellsworth reports.
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Nuts & Bolts: Small-time capital

Steve Tripoli | Jun 26, 2007
When you're not up for venture capital but still need cash, where do you go? Steve Tripoli talks to small business-owners about how they approached the money chase... and how they'd do it differently if they could start again.
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No more limits on special-interest ads

John Dimsdale | Jun 25, 2007
The Supreme Court substantially relaxed a key restriction on political advertising today, eliminating all spending limits on special-interest ads that run during the last weeks of an election. John Dimsdale reports.
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Iran not too worried about sanctions

Stephen Beard | Jun 25, 2007
Under pressure to stop enriching uranium, Iran has invited officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency for talks. As Stephen Beard reports, it may just be a move to stall for time.
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The financial gap is everyone's problem

| Jun 25, 2007
Commentator John Authers says Wall Street is rightfully worried about the growing gap between America's rich and poor.
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Environmental cloud hangs over China

Kai Ryssdal | Jun 25, 2007
Though China is attractive to multinational investors on many levels, serious environmental problems loom. Kai Ryssdal talks to Elizabeth Economy, who wrote about the situation for the Harvard Business Review.
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Amaranth found room in Enron loophole

Jeremy Hobson | Jun 25, 2007
Senate investigators say the Amaranth hedge fund left consumers and the entire natural gas industry paying higher prices. And it was completely legal. Jeremy Hobson reprorts.
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Some businesses like the feel of SOX

Curt Nickisch | Jun 25, 2007
Many companies say they are burdened by Sarbanes-Oxley, which encourages corporate transparency and better financial accounting. But some businesses have found the act to be a good fit. Curt Nickisch reports.
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