Company sells user data to cops; cops use that data to create speed traps

Apr 29, 2011
Amsterdam GPS company Tom Tom sold customer data to a handful of European governments. One of those governments gave data to its police force who...
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LightSquared still making people upset

Mar 31, 2011
I think I must write one of these items a week. There's more concern about the new wireless network. This time, it's the Pentagon. The Defense...
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Can your boss track your every move?

Dec 6, 2010
Aren't those GPS locators a wonderful invention? Lose your way, and you can quickly find yourself again....
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Do you know where your kids are? Wanna?

Aug 6, 2010
Wherescope launches today - it's an app that uses GPS to tell parents where their kids are.  Parents can set up geofences - like home, school -...
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GPS Glasses!

Aug 5, 2010
Yesterday we talked about some engineers in Austin, Texas who hooked up electrodes to their faces and played Super Mario Bros using only their...
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