Why the FCC halted LightSquared's wireless network plan

Feb 15, 2012
Federal officials have nixed a plan by broadband company LightSquared to build a national wireless network. Politico's Eliza Krigman explains why and discusses what happens next.
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GPS unit, meet car insurance

Feb 10, 2012
Some relationships are just meant to be. The idea is pretty basic: drive safer, get better rates. We’re watching you.
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It was only a matter of time before your car and your insurance company started talking.

Feb 9, 2012
It's like driving with Santa. He knows when you've been bad or good, so...
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Supreme Court rules in closely watched GPS case

Jan 24, 2012
The Fourth Amendment applies even in your car, says SCOTUS.
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Solar flares can cause communication problems

Jan 24, 2012
The biggest solar storm in more than six years is blasting the earth with radiation today.
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Snow plow GPS

Jan 4, 2012
Rahm Emanuel is the Plow King
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Snow plow GPS

Jan 4, 2012
Plan your route, and track your street.
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LightSquared: The next big wireless company you may never see

Dec 22, 2011
Also, if you need to call someone, consider Callin' Oates!
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Drone downed by GPS?

Dec 16, 2011
Go ahead plane, land riiiiight here.
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LightSquared signal still disrupts, says gummint

Dec 15, 2011
Bad news for futuristic hybrid phone company
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