Investing in female entrepreneurs in Afghanistan

Mar 11, 2011
Author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discusses the challenges facing Afghan businesswomen.
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Have micro credits reached the end of the line?

Mar 9, 2011
Muhammad Yunus won a Nobel Peace Prize for getting microfinance off the ground and into the mainstream. But after Yunus was fired due to Bangladesh's mandatory retirement age, many question the future of micro-credit loans.
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Could a big Oscar win save the U.K. Film Council?

Feb 28, 2011
Hollywood's biggest night was also a big night across the pond. British film "The King's Speech" took home three Academy Awards, including best picture. The film was paid for in part by the government's film funding organization, the U.K. Film Council. But because of budget cuts, that agency is on the chopping block. Christopher Werth explains.
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The 83rd Annual Academy Awards Winners

Feb 28, 2011
The Kodak Theater was proud to host Hollywood's biggest night for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Check out our photo gallery of this year's winners.
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Fashion stores go mobile in Portland

Feb 10, 2011
Portland, Ore. has a reputation for mobile food carts. But now you'll find trailers and buses selling clothes and fashion accessories.
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Internet domain names to go on sale

Feb 9, 2011
Dot this: New domains have a high price but create bigger resale market for websites.
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Can't get a job, start a business

Feb 4, 2011
The story of one family that traded unemployment for entrepreneurship. These 'rebound entrepreneurs' took a page out of history, literally, to stake their future on a new magazine.
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NFL commissioner to take dollar salary if player talks fail

Jan 27, 2011
The NFL's head honcho Roger Goodell vows to reduce salary from $10 million to $1 if current player negotiations end in a work stoppage. The commissioner's move is the latest instance of a top executive offering to take a dollar salary in the face of adversity. That got us wondering: How did this whole ritual get started?
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U.S. Patent Office prepares to open first satellite branch

Jan 26, 2011
Patent officials hope to clear backlog of applications by opening satellite office in Detroit.
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China's economic show of force

Jan 19, 2011
Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit to Washington reflects a new economic reality. Chinese companies are going global.
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