OSHA to publish details of workplace injuries under new reporting rules

Dec 29, 2023
The regulation, which applies to some 50,000 employers, aims to increase disclosure and public accountability for safety on the job.
An AFL-CIO report estimated it would take OSHA 190 years to inspect all 8 million worksites it is tasked with covering.
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Fast food chains lead in child labor violations

Jun 12, 2023
Department of Labor data show that hundreds of franchises were in violation of laws that protect minors.
Fast food franchises for brands like McDonald's are among the worst offenders, according to Department of Labor data.
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Businesses need staffing strategies to deal with ongoing COVID-19 surges

Apr 15, 2022
Employers dealing with successive waves of infections need a plan for worker absences.
Lack of staffing due to COVID-19 has become the norm for many businesses.
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New California law seeks transparency for workplace quotas

Dec 30, 2021
The law is aimed at large warehouse companies that use algorithms to manage worker productivity.
A new California law will require greater transparency from big warehouse operators, like Amazon, on how they use technology to track productivity. Above, a woman works at an Amazon packing station in 2019.
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Federal rules around COVID and health care workplaces lapse

Dec 29, 2021
Under the requirements, OSHA had issued COVID-specific workplace standards for things like training, respirators and adequate ventilation.
OSHA required health care employers to provide things like training and adequate ventilation, but those protections were temporary.
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What kind of costs can unvaccinated workers ring up for a business?

Oct 28, 2021
There are layers of factors to consider when companies weigh the actual cost of dealing with unvaccinated workers.
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More frequent, extreme heat waves linked to workplace injuries

Jul 26, 2021
New research from UCLA shows climate change-induced heat waves pose a growing threat to workers.
People wait to buy ice cream from a Washington, D.C., vender during a June heat wave. A recent study links heat waves to worker injuries, which were highest in low-wage industries that require physical labor.
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For public good, not for profit.

N.Y. businesses await details of "HERO Act"

Jun 15, 2021
It will require companies with more than 10 employees to implement a series of safety protocols to help prevent airborne diseases.
The law says that workers have the right to refuse to work in unsafe conditions and that it’s illegal to retaliate against them for raising safety concerns. It requires companies to allow workers to form safety committees.
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OSHA issues workplace COVID rules, but they're limited to health care

Jun 11, 2021
There are still no emergency COVID standards from OSHA for other industries like meatpacking and farming.
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OSHA expected to issue emergency workplace safety standard

Mar 15, 2021
The agency did not set safety rules for COVID-19 under the previous administration.
A set of binding national requirements will make it clear to employers what they need to do, said David Michaels, who headed OSHA during the Obama administration.
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