This economic expansion's longer than the one in the 1990s. What's changed since then?

Jul 1, 2019
Growth is slower this time, and the rich are accruing more of the gains.
A man walks by the New York Stock Exchange.
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What Homer Simpson can tell us about the economy

Dec 14, 2016
He's had more than 100 jobs, but hasn't progressed economically.

What we mean when we talk about the working class

Nov 21, 2016
White working-class voters helped propel Donald Trump into the White House.
Supporters stand for the national anthem during a campaign rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the W.L. Zorn Arena November 1, 2016 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

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Just who are the white working class?

Jun 27, 2012
And why they do, or don’t, really matter in this year’s elections.