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Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Wells Fargo's actions are "unacceptable"

Sep 21, 2017
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the Fed is prepared to take action against Wells Fargo but won’t say when. For its part, Wells Fargo said it’s committed to making things right for its customers and is eliminating sales goals for retail bankers in its branches and call centers.  

Changes at the top for Wells Fargo

Aug 17, 2017
Scandal-besieged Wells Fargo seems to be cleaning up its act. It’s replacing three of 15 board members, including the chairman. Stephen Sanger will step down at the end of the year and current Vice Chair Elizabeth Duke will take his place. Is this a real change for the bank? Click the audio player above to […]

Wells Fargo scandals could mean sweeping consequences

Aug 1, 2017
First, there was a scandal over millions of fake Wells Fargo accounts that broke last year. Then, accusations of changes to mortgages without notifying customers. Now, Wells Fargo faces a class-action lawsuit over selling car insurance policies to hundreds of thousands of customers who did not need it from 2012 to 2017. All this could […]

Wells Fargo claws back $75 million from top execs in sales scandal

Apr 11, 2017
Problems with Wells Fargo's sales culture dates back at least 15 years, according to a recent investigation.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No ATM card? Wells Fargo customers will be able to withdraw using their smartphones

Mar 24, 2017
Starting next Monday, customers of Wells Fargo bank will be able to make ATM withdrawals nationwide without a card using a smartphone. The trend could spread quickly to other banks around the country as consumers grow more used to advanced banking technology. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

Former Wells Fargo employee shares pressure he felt over sales quotas

Oct 13, 2016
Over many years, bank workers opened more than 2 million accounts and credit cards without customers' permission.

Can Wells Fargo shrug off the cross-selling scandal?

Oct 12, 2016
Wells Fargo brass seeks to move past recent trouble.

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Too big to be monitored? Wells Fargo says false accounts were just a small slice of business

Sep 30, 2016
Not disclosing 'material' information to investors could violate securities law. The question is, what is 'material'?
Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday in Washington, D.C. 
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Wells Fargo CEO grilled by angry House committee

Sep 29, 2016
Stumpf now says sales quotas will go away this week, rather than next year.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images