States look to new holiday shopping tax dollars post Wayfair decision

Dec 20, 2019
In many states, it’s the first holiday shopping season since they starting requiring online businesses to collect sales tax.
An eBay representative shows customers the eBay app at a holiday market in Denver in 2017.
Tom Cooper/Getty Images for eBay

Online shoppers have to pay state sales tax, Supreme Court says

Jun 21, 2018
States and cities have long been saying that they have a right to profit from residents’ on line purchases.

What happens if online retailers have to charge sales tax?

Apr 26, 2018
"This is a very big deal ... for all small entrepreneurs everywhere," Etsy's CEO says.
FedEx worker sort through a pile of boxes at the FedEx sort facility at the Oakland International Airport in December 2006 in California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images