Most home care workers are entitled to overtime but might not know it

Nov 24, 2021
A new initiative from the Labor Department aims to up outreach and enforcement related to such issues.
Long-term caregivers and supporters rally in Los Angeles in July for greater investment in the country's caregiving infrastructure.
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Prices are rising. So are wages. And that worries some economists.

Oct 29, 2021
Some of them are reminded of the bad ol' 1970s.
Though some economists are worrying about the potential for an inflation spiral, the biggest pay hikes are currently going to younger workers and service workers in low-wage professions — such as supermarket cashiers.
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2-tiered wage systems test today's labor relations

Oct 18, 2021
In the 1980s, some companies paid new workers less than current workers. Now, employers are trying that system during a labor shortage.
A striking worker pickets a John Deere facility in Davenport, Iowa. The current labor shortage is making it harder to pay new workers less than those already employed.
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Day care providers struggle to compete with rising wages

Oct 13, 2021
The pandemic has shown that child care in the U.S. isn’t working. Most early childhood caregivers and teachers don’t earn a living wage.
The pandemic has only exacerbated the struggles of the child care industry.
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California bill assures garment workers an hourly wage

Oct 1, 2021
The legislation could double wages for some workers, but critics say it could move manufacturing out of state.
Some garment workers in Los Angeles were making as little as $2 an hour.
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Workers want better pay and incentives, and businesses are responding

Aug 18, 2021
The response, however, has led to a shift in the workforce where people are still leaving for even better-paying jobs. Small businesses are trying to keep up.
Many small businesses are realizing they have to compete with the amount of money people are receiving in unemployment benefits if they want to fill empty positions.
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Labor shortage? Wage data sends mixed signals.

Jul 2, 2021
Wages across the board would rise amid a widespread labor shortage, one economist says. But we're seeing pockets of wage growth.
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"The balance of power is shifting": Ritholtz on the future of work and wages

Jun 15, 2021
Investor and columnist Barry Ritholtz says workers are gaining leverage in relations with management, which could lift wages.
Investor and columnist Barry Ritholtz argues that the key to the so-called labor shortage is inadequate pay.
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Why we’re seeing rising consumer prices

May 14, 2021
The consumer price index for April showed this week that prices jumped 4.2% year over year.
Multiple factors have been pushing up food prices, including the use of corn as fuel, an expert said.
Mario Tama/Getty Images