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The WIC family food program is getting a refresh, but requirements are still tough to navigate

Apr 23, 2024
The nutrition program is restrictive by design, but updates to the food package are giving parents and kids more options.
For the first time in a decade, the WIC program's food package is being updated. Recipients will have more money to buy fruits and vegetables and more options for whole grains, dairy and dairy substitutes.
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The USDA just approved the first online-only grocer to accept SNAP benefits

Feb 22, 2024
Online grocery delivery can be a lifeline for SNAP recipients who have disabilities or lack reliable access to transportation.
Thrive Market is the the first online-only grocer to begin accepting SNAP benefits.
Courtesy Thrive Market

How the economy's really doing, according to Thanksgiving shoppers

Nov 22, 2023
Houston-area shoppers cut back and shopped discount brands, citing inflated prices.
Thanksgiving foods are a bit cheaper than they were last year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation's annual report.
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Regaining Black farmers’ trust is “challenging," says advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture

After the loan repayment assistance program was scrapped, the USDA is having trouble regaining the trust of Black farmers.
"I've heard it said that when other farmers get a cold, Black farmers get pneumonia," said Dewayne Goldmon, senior advisor for racial equity to the Secretary of Agriculture.
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White House moves to stop alleged price gouging

Jul 19, 2023
Food inflation is a major complaint, but some farmers and companies say market forces will keep prices in check.
As grocery prices rose, many critics, including the White House, accused food companies of taking consumers for a ride.
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Cultivated meat seeks discerning diners

Jun 26, 2023
The USDA has given approval to the sale of meat grown in laboratories but will consumers take to it?
Cell-cultivated meat will soon be available at a few high-end restaurants in the U.S.
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Everyone's got an opinion on proposed USDA nutrition standards for schools — especially the students

Apr 7, 2023
The USDA says kids' health is at stake with the proposed nutrition standards. But some manufacturers say making food with less salt and sugar will cost more, while nutrition directors are worried students won’t eat the meals.
The USDA is currently accepting comments on proposed changes to the nutritional standards of school meals.
Jeff Pachoud/AFP via Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

USDA proposes rules to expand access to free school lunches

Mar 29, 2023
The agency wants to help more school districts cover the costs of universal free meals.
Universal free meals kept a lot of kids from going hungry at the height of the pandemic, said the Urban Institute's Emily Gutierrez.
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Cultivated meat is on the horizon, but has long way to go before it hits grocery shelves

Mar 24, 2023
The FDA has approved a chicken product grown this way by California-based company Good Meat. It’s only the second company to get that agency’s green light.
The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a cultivated chicken meat grown by California-based Good Meat.
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USDA equity commission unveils proposals

Mar 7, 2023
The proposals look to rectify a history of discrimination faced by farmers belonging to minority groups.
The commission, formed by the Biden administration to look into discrimination against minority farmers, released its first report last week.
Scott Olson/Getty Images