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The fallout from a strong dollar

Apr 29, 2024
U.S. exports become more expensive overseas, but imported goods become cheaper here in the U.S.
A stronger dollar makes  imported goods cheaper, meaning American consumers can buy more stuff.
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

At stake in Argentina's election: replacing the peso with the U.S. dollar

Oct 20, 2023
Argentine presidential candidates Javier Milei has vowed to dollarize Argentina's economy and close down the central bank.
Far right presidential candidate Javier Milei has proposed dollarizing Argentina’s economy. Above, a supporter of Milei holds fake $100 bills that bear Milei's face.
Tomas Cuesta/Getty Images

U.S. dollar's strength is mostly bad news for countries and companies around the world

Sep 6, 2023
Central banks have a couple of tools they can use to push back, including interest rate hikes and selling U.S. dollars..
The U.S. dollar spent August surging against Asian currencies.
Behrouz Mehri/AFP via Getty Images

The dollar's falling back to Earth as other countries raise their own interest rates

Aug 22, 2023
A year ago, U.S. exporters were complaining that the dollar was too strong. Not anymore.
A weaker U.S. dollar could help companies that export, while importers might have to pay more for the products they bring in.
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Could the United States dollar be dethroned?

Why some countries are moving away from U.S. bucks.
The U.S. dollar has been the dominant global currency for nearly a century. But some countries are now looking to diversify away from the greenback.
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Weakening dollar could feature in earnings reports this week

Apr 24, 2023
The dollar has lost value against major currencies since last summer. This means U.S. products are cheaper abroad, but importing is more costly.
The dollar’s value had been falling since the latter part of 2022.
Andy Jacobsohn/AFP via Getty Images

The dollar's value has been slipping over the past few months

Jan 2, 2023
The currency's dip could be due to the prospect of a weakened U.S. economy in 2023.
The value of the dollar has dipped as the economic outlook for the U.S. has soured.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

A weakening dollar is good news for exporters, bad news for importers

Dec 5, 2022
The greenback's strength has made it tough for U.S. businesses to compete overseas.
While some American exporters are already benefiting from the weakening dollar, it's making imports pricier. Above, the Port of Los Angeles on Nov. 16.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

How a stronger dollar weakens economies abroad

Sep 8, 2022
Countries that import commodities priced in U.S. dollars, like oil, are paying a lot more. So are nations that have dollar-denominated loans.
If the value of the dollar climbs against a currency like the Mexican peso, Mexico's debt payments increase.
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Why the U.S. dollar is so strong right now

Aug 29, 2022
The dollar index hit a 20-year high in European trading, the result of the Fed's rate hikes and the relative strength of the U.S. economy.
The dollar is essentially at par with the euro — lower than it’s been since the European common currency was launched.
mars58/Getty Images