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If the Great Salt Lake dries up, what would that mean for the U.S. economy?

Sep 22, 2023
The demise of the landmark site would affect a range of industries as well as Utah residents’ health. It would strike an emotional blow as well.
A view of the Great Salt Lake in 2021. If water levels continue to decline at the current rate, the lake could be dry in five years, researchers found.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What China's domestic tourism recovery looks like at a seafood market

Aug 30, 2023
There's more foot traffic than in December, but that doesn't always translate into more spending at Xiamen's Bashi.
Seafood snack and fruit stall vendors in Xiamen say the crowds are back to pre-pandemic levels at Bashi, the Eight Seafood Market, but business is just OK.
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

How climate change is impacting where and when tourists want to travel

Aug 11, 2023
After a hot summer, some travelers are expressing more concern about heat waves, wildfires and other extreme weather events that might affect their plans.
A heat advisory sign is shown along US highway 190 during a heat wave in Death Valley National Park. Tourism patterns have started to change in the area thanks to climate change.
Ronda Churchill / AFP via Getty Images

Business is still unpredictable for this Hawaii boat tour owner

Aug 4, 2023
The pandemic almost sunk Manu Powers' company. Though it's mounted a recovery, the summer rush still isn't what it used to be.
Manu Powers and husband Liam outside the office of Sea Quest Hawaii.
Courtesy Manu Powers

Americans are going abroad again, and airfare prices track the trend

Aug 4, 2023
International airfare is up 10% from last year, while domestic airfare is down more than 10%, according to the travel site Hopper.
Visitors view the sights in Venice, Italy. Many American travelers are choosing European destinations over domestic travel routes.
Stefano Mazzola/Getty Images

Hotels and restaurants have had trouble hiring, so they innovated

Jul 17, 2023
That’s meant automating some tasks once done by humans and thinking carefully about the humans they do hire.
After two summers of worker shortages on Cape Cod, some restaurant and hotel owners have become more efficient, "enabling them to operate with a smaller staff,” the Beige Book says.
Tim Graham/Getty Images

Is birding tourism in Colombia finally ready to take flight?

Jun 6, 2023
There are more bird species in the country than any other in the world. And post-pandemic, Colombia hopes more bird-watchers will visit.
The Andean motmot is a beautiful and relatively common bird in Colombia.
Stan Alcorn

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International tourists are coming back to the U.S. ... slowly

May 30, 2023
Americans are traveling domestically again, but the tourism industry is waiting for foreign visitors to come back in pre-pandemic force.
While domestic tourism is roaring back, international tourism to the States has been partially hampered by visa wait times.
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Hot travel destinations this holiday weekend? Cities

May 26, 2023
AAA projects a 7% increase in Americans traveling 50 miles or more from home this Memorial Day weekend compared to last year.
Above, visitors near the Las Vegas Strip in August 2020. While the pandemic gutted Vegas' local economy, tourism has roared back.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In an ever-brighter world, tourists travel north for truly dark skies

Jan 2, 2023
As light pollution affects more of the globe, astrotourism is taking off in remote spots where skies are dark and stars shine bright.
Landscape photographer Travis Novitsky frames up a photograph of the Spirit Tree, known as "Manido Gizhigans" in Ojibwe, on Nov. 30, 2022.
Ben Hovland

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