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Why a Massachusetts school district is recruiting teachers from Brazil

May 8, 2023
As a nationwide educator shortage persists, some districts are sponsoring immigrant work visas to attract and retain staff.
Teacher Juliana Santos listens to a student in a Massachusetts elementary school.
Robin Lubbock/WBUR

States consider a contract that would help teachers stay certified across state lines

Feb 2, 2023
At least 10 states are considering an agreement that would make it easier for teachers licensed in one state to work in any of the others.
A newly proposed compact would allow teachers in states that join get certified more easily in other member states.
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Some Texas school districts are pivoting to a 4-day week

Oct 31, 2022
One district that has made the move is finding it easier to recruit and hire teachers. But some working parents say it is harder to manage.
The Athens Independent School District launched a three-year pilot program in 2019 as it transitioned to a shorter week with longer days. That schedule is now permanent, and the district isn’t looking back.
Bill Zeeble/KERA

How one elementary principal is dealing with hiring staff and kids' learning loss

Sep 28, 2022
"We are scrambling as a school, as a district" to catch up kids and address mental health needs, Jessica Gomez of Southern California says.
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As the school year approaches, districts scramble to hire teachers

Jul 22, 2022
In many districts, the kids are due back in August, and lots of school leaders are still trying to figure out who’s going to be in front of them.
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With a new school year in view, many districts struggle to find enough teachers

Jul 14, 2022
Some districts are offering more pay and housing stipends. Others are cutting back, putting a bigger load on remaining teachers.
Some school districts are offering hiring bonuses to fill a shortage of educators. Others are simply making do with fewer teachers.
John Cherry/Getty Images

A day in the life of a pandemic principal

Feb 7, 2022
Principal Greg Moffitt explains the puzzle of planning for the school day and supporting anxious educators and families.
Schools are beginning to spend federal COVID-19 relief funds on programs to mitigate learning loss caused by the pandemic.
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

Another school year, another year of teacher shortages

Sep 15, 2016
Teacher shortages are significant in special education, math and science.
Many public schools are struggling to find and retain teachers.
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Teachers feel undervalued — and they may be right

Aug 18, 2016
Teachers make 17 percent less than workers with the same education and experience.
There's a pay gap between teachers and professionals with similar levels of education and experience.
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