Universal, banking on home audiences, to stream movie releases

Mar 17, 2020
Its other films currently showing may stream this week. Will people staying away from theaters pay the nearly $20 fee?
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

As box office sags, Netflix reports an online hit with "Bird Box"

Jan 2, 2019
While moviegoers were busy saying “meh” to a couple of new Hollywood offerings (“Vice” and “Holmes & Watson”), at least 45 million of them caught most of Netflix’s “Bird Box.” (That’s how many users the streaming service reports watched at least…
Courtesy of Netflix

Apple to invest $1 billion in original programming

Aug 16, 2017
Three big words in tech news today: original video content. Apple is reportedly making a big push into the business with a $1 billion plan to stream its own shows on its Apple TV and Apple Music platforms. The tech…