Investors in Secret to get some money back

Apr 30, 2015
The social networking app Secret, which keeps users anonymous, has just shut down. Investors will get some money back.

Twitter for dummies

Nov 7, 2013
Twitter may be a household name -- but it's not used by everyone in every household.

A LinkedIn-style job network for the blue-collar crowd

Oct 2, 2013
LinkedIn isn’t really set up for blue-collar workers. WorkHands aims to fill the gap.
Workers complete the final phases of a new roof on a townhouse under construction. A new site aims to be for blue-collar workers what LinkedIn is for the white-collar crowd.

Who's watching the students? The watchers

Aug 28, 2013
A school district in Southern California has revealed that it is paying a company to track its students online.

LinkedIn endorses your kids

Aug 20, 2013
Social networking site LinkedIn lowered its sign up age to 14 and will start trying to work with college students and high-schoolers.

When recommendations pay off online

Oct 3, 2012
A growing group of websites lets you cash in on your opinion.

Microsoft bets $1.2 billion on social networking for behind the firewall

Jun 26, 2012
Microsoft picks up Yammer to add business-friendly social networking software to its Office productivity software

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Are you 'network literate'?

May 22, 2012
Commentator Ben Casnocha says our ever-expanding social networks require a whole new skill.

Facebook to pay one billion for Instagram

Apr 9, 2012
The company's photo-sharing app and social network will be Facebook's biggest acquisition yet

According to a recent study: we’re getting into fights cause of stuff we do on Facebook

Feb 9, 2012
A new Pew Internet report out today shows that the things we post on social networking sites (SNS) is creating some tension in our social lives:      49% of SNS-using adults said they have seen mean or cruel behavior…