Oil profits drop as companies feel pandemic, carbon pressure

Feb 4, 2021
More than 500 oil- and gas-related firms have declared bankruptcy. The survivors are focusing on efficiency, and some plan a transition.
Leon Neal/AFP via Getty Images

Shell's new plastics plant faces challenges: Balancing local and global impacts

Aug 13, 2019
The new Shell plant will create millions of tons of plastic a year, plus 600 onsite jobs.
Shell's new plant is currently a huge building project. It'll have three reactors and 15 miles of underground piping.

A billion-dollar Nigerian oil bribe equals the nation’s entire health budget

Dec 20, 2017
In Italy a judge declared that two multinational oil giants — and executives — will go on trial for a major bribery case involving Nigeria. At its core, it alleges Shell and the Italian oil giant Eni paid more than a billion dollars for oil-drilling rights that were actually bribes. Click the audio player above […]

For oil giant Shell, service station means electric cars, too

Nov 27, 2017
Running cars on something other than gas stands to greatly reduce the world’s need for oil. That has energy company Shell moving into the electric vehicle charging business. On top of last month’s purchase of major European electric vehicle charging network NewMotion, it’s got a new partnership to put high speed EV chargers in dozens […]

Details on ‘astonishingly high’ pollution in Nigeria emerge nine years after spill

Mar 24, 2017
A geologist says mangroves remain soaked in oil from a 2008 pipeline spill.
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Big oil is seeking public trust

Mar 10, 2017
The corporate world seems on track to address the issue of climate change even as the Trump administration questions much of the research around its validity. Shell corporation says it’s not just boosting its renewable investments to $1 billion, it’s also tying board member pay to greenhouse gas emissions reductions. It’s not uncommon for fossil […]

Arctic drilling off Alaska is disappearing

May 10, 2016
Oil companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips, are largely walking away from many of their Arctic leases.
The tide comes in on a beach along the Chukchi Sea in Shishmaref, Alaska.
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For public good, not for profit.

Shell looks to merge with BG

Jan 27, 2016
Shell's proposed merger faces new questions.
Shell's proposed merger with BP faces new questions.

An earnings shock as Big Oil adjusts to low oil prices

Oct 30, 2015
Multinationals are built for the long haul, but low oil prices are making them pull back.

Shell pulls out of Arctic. For how long?

Sep 28, 2015
Study finds some fossil fuel has to be left in the ground to avert disaster.