Why seniors are flocking to Medicare Advantage

by Ashley Milne-Tyte Feb 17, 2016
As insurers reconsider health exchanges, the private plan for over-65s is a draw.

LGBT senior citizens find welcoming home in Philadelphia

by Elizabeth Fiedler Feb 18, 2014
New housing projects are tailored to gay, lesbian and transgender senior citizens.
The Street of Eternal Happiness

Navigating China's perilous health care system along the Street of Eternal Happiness

by Rob Schmitz May 6, 2013
China’s government has spent more than $125 billion on securing coverage for 95 percent of the country, but big problems remain. China remains a place where out-of-pocket costs can equal a year’s salary and where underpaid doctors expect a bribe…

'Chained CPI' hurts seniors

by Marketplace Contributor Apr 10, 2013
Obama's proposal to recalculate the rate of inflation hurts seniors who spend more on health care than the rest of us.

Why scammers like seniors

by Adriene Hill Jul 13, 2012
Seniors are a prime target for scams, because they are less likely to report a scam. Learn why seniors are afraid to report fraud cases and how to avoid getting hoodwinked.

Drinking and divorce among the baby boomers

by Mark Garrison Jul 13, 2012
More long-term marriages are breaking up and a wine habit may benefit older women's bones.

In the spotlight: Senior student debt

by Amy Scott Apr 6, 2012
People age 60 and older owe more than $36 billion in student loans. Tess discusses the latest debt bubble with Marketplace Education correspondent Amy Scott.

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