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For many scientists, the pandemic changed research

Feb 19, 2021
While those researching COVID-19 remained hard at work, others left their labs behind or improvised new methods.
While coronavirus research has boomed, many other kinds of projects have been hindered.
Misha Friedman/Getty Images

U.S. trade groups, universities file suit against H-1B visa changes

Oct 20, 2020
Two new Trump administration rules would limit the types of jobs H-1B workers can fill and require U.S. companies to pay them higher salaries. Businesses aren't happy.
Scientists work on a rapid COVID-19 antibody test in a lab in New York in April. New H1-B rules could affect U.S. labs that are short on scientists.
Misha Friedman/Getty Images

Scientists exit the warm embrace of research for politics

May 7, 2018
Many candidates fear the Trump administration is actively stifling science.
Jess Phoenix and husband Carlos canvass a Lancaster neighborhood ahead of the June 5 primary.
Jed Kim/Marketplace