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Some small businesses worry they've hit the limit on raising prices

Jul 11, 2023
It could signal that wage and other cost pressures are easing or that sales are weakening and the economy is slowing.
Downbeat sales expectations could cause more businesses to decide against another price hike, said Bill Dunkelberg, chief economist with the National Federation of Independent Business.
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Europe's seeing inflation fade. The UK still has it bad. In Japan, inflation is actually good news.

Jun 30, 2023
How some other big economies are handling rising prices.
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Even with inflation, pricing can be a puzzle for small businesses

Jun 22, 2023
Big businesses can rely on reams of data to figure out how much to raise prices. Small business owners don't have that luxury.
Small businesses, including bike shops, often don't have the large-scale data that bigger businesses do.
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Inflation is different depending on where you live

Jun 14, 2023
In Minneapolis, prices rose just 1.8% in the past year. Compare that to Miami, where inflation is at a whopping 9%.
In Minneapolis (on top), prices rose 1.8% in the past year. In Miami (on bottom), inflation clocked in at a whopping 9%.
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Inflation: Why is it so sticky in the UK?

Jun 13, 2023
A labor shortage and a relatively strong economy contribute to high prices. Some experts worry about inflationary expectations.
A food stall at an outdoor market in London. Food inflation recently hit a 45-year high in the U.K.
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Turkey’s retirees feel inflation’s pressures ahead of second-round election 

May 25, 2023
In 2021, the Istanbul Political Research Institute found that 12% of Turks over 65 were still working, in part because pensions are not adequate.
People sit at a tea house in Sincan, a district outside of Ankara’s city center where a majority of voters supported President Erdogan in the first-round of elections on May 14.
Victoria Craig

In the midst of inflation, companies continue to hike prices — and reap major profits

Apr 27, 2023
So far, price increases have not driven customers away. But there’s evidence that is starting to change.
While consumers are frustrated about continued price hikes, they still seem willing to spend.
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For public good, not for profit.

Amid persistent inflation, just what is "discretionary" spending?

Mar 2, 2023
Retailers’ financial results show weaker spending on nonnecessities like electronics. Here's where consumers are pulling back.
As consumers tighten their purse strings, expenses like takeout and dining out may be on the chopping block.
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What recession fears? Consumers shopped up a storm in January

Feb 15, 2023
We spent despite being whipsawed by economic news. Raises and slowing inflation helped.
Because of a surplus of inventory, consumers can continue to expect markdowns from retailers.
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How fast-food chains are buffeted and buoyed by inflation

Feb 2, 2023
Many have higher expenses and are raising prices, but more consumers now have a taste for their relatively inexpensive meals.
Sales at fast-food chain Subway surged last year. But it’s by no means boom times for the industry.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images)