It still pays to own a home

Jan 25, 2013
Many young people say they have no interest in ever owning a home. So these days, more and more people are renting. But commentator Chris Farrell says buying is still a better option for all concerned.

What's helping the housing market bounce back?

Dec 7, 2012
Things are looking up in the housing market. People are starting to buy houses again. Mortgage rates are at an all-time low and there's lots of inventory. Or is there?

As apartment vacancies drop, rents rise

Jul 5, 2012
Apartment buildings are fuller than they’ve been in a decade. Rents are at record highs. Houses are relatively cheap, but loans are elusive.

To rent or buy?

Apr 27, 2012
Author Jane Hodges discusses who should be renting and who should be buying a home.
David McNew/Getty Images

Owning is now cheaper than renting

Jan 18, 2012
Back during the housing bubble, houses cost 20 percent more than renting. Now the difference is the other way.

Not many apartments available to rent

Jan 5, 2012
The vacancy rate for apartment fell to its lowest since 2001 in the fourth quarter as more people rented. But mortgage rates are also falling, so will people choose buying over renting soon?

Rent vs. buy: finding a better bargain

Jan 21, 2011
This post is the first in a new series of guest contributions on Makin' Money examining all things personal finance. This week we turn to Jim Wa...

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