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Loan applications are down, rejections are up. This could be good for taming inflation.

Nov 20, 2023
The application rate for any kind of credit dropped to just over 41% this year from nearly 45% in 2022, according to a Fed survey.
The rejection rate for auto loans is at 11% — the highest it’s been since the survey started asking about it a decade ago.
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Big banks post big profits

Oct 13, 2023
The classic way banks make money rests on three words: net interest income.
Big banks JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup told investors they netted a combined $22 billion this past quarter.
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6 months out from SVB's failure, a bank president's optimism has waned

Sep 6, 2023
Pressure to keep more capital puts constraints on banks, says Laurie Stewart of Sound Community in Seattle.
Laurie Stewart, the head of Sound Community Bank in Seattle, says pressures to hold more capital will "impact our ability to serve clients and to be investable."
Courtesy Sound Community Bank

Regional banks' problems enter the "slow burn" phase

Aug 8, 2023
Moody's downgraded the credit ratings of several regional banks this week, citing rising costs and the troubled commercial real estate sector.
Moody's credit downgrades suggest that many of the problems that emerged with this year's bank failures haven’t gone away.
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Bank regulators expected to propose higher capital requirements

Jun 23, 2023
The plan would require big banks to keep more assets on hand. It could also affect regional banks, like the three that failed this year.
Fed policymakers use data from household surveys, financial markets, professional forecasters and the labor market to set interest rates, says Rice University economist Zach Bethune.
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Regional banks still face challenges after bank runs

Jun 16, 2023
They've been operating under more scrutiny from the federal government and trying to manage the Federal Reserve's higher interest rates.
Silicon Valley Bank was one of the regional banks that failed earlier this year.
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Banking crisis may be fueling the rise of so-called "shadow banks"

May 15, 2023
Hedge funds and private equity loans might lend like banks, but they're not regulated like them.
Shadow banks are financial institutions that provide loans but don't take deposits.
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For public good, not for profit.

How can regional banks manage the industry's troubles?

May 4, 2023
Larger lenders and regulators step in for the good of the overall banking system. But confidence among depositors is key.
Regional banks continue to struggle. News that PacWest is exploring "strategic options," including a sale of the company, sent its stock sliding.
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Could commercial real estate be the next shoe to drop at regional banks?

Mar 27, 2023
Analysts say there's no reason to panic, but the sinking values of commercial properties could make those banks' balance sheets look pretty bad.
 "The banks have $270 billion of commercial real estate loans coming due this year," said Matt Anderson, a managing director at Trepp Inc.
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Regional banks rush to reassure customers after SVB failure

Mar 15, 2023
They're letting depositors know that their money is safe and highlighting differences between their banks and the ones that failed.
Above, people line up to try to retrieve funds at a Silicon Valley Bank branch on March 13. That anxiety has spilled over to customers who use other regional banks.
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