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Freight rail faces service and labor issues as well as federal scrutiny

Jul 21, 2022
What happens on the rails has ripple effects because freight trains are the economy's bloodstream, circulating products across the U.S.
Observers have attributed freight trains' service shortfalls to both pandemic-related stresses and cost-cutting to please investors.
Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty images

Railroads want a new deadline for a safety system

Oct 13, 2015
CSX and others say they don't have time to install it by the end of the year.

A common cause of train derailments: broken track

Oct 9, 2015
Authorities want railroad owners to do a better job inspecting and repairing.

Most Amtrak long-distance routes are unprofitable

May 13, 2015
New York to Washington is the lone bright spot of profitable service.

Rail companies push for newer oil tank cars to reduce accidents

Feb 17, 2014
Without mandatory regulation, the railroad industry looks to pricing as way to encourage safety.