California voters to decide measure that could spur home sales

Nov 4, 2020
Proposition 19 would remove a disincentive to sell property. But a decline in moving is squeezing the housing supply all over the country.
Californians cast their votes inside the historic Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles.
David McNew/Getty Images
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) building in Washington, DC.

The race is on to prepay some 2018 taxes

Dec 27, 2017
Homeowners in states with the highest property taxes especially are looking ahead.

Obamacare repeal could hike property taxes

Jan 20, 2017
When uninsured people get sick and can’t pay out of pocket, they often go to public hospitals. And the bills they can’t pay get passed down to residents in the form of property taxes. The Affordable Care Act helped some counties lower those taxes by giving states billions of dollars to expand Medicaid. With a […]

Chicago faces historic tax hike to fund massive debt

Sep 23, 2015
The proposed $544 million property tax hike would pay for pension shortfalls.