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Amazon sweetens Prime deal with one-day shipping

Apr 29, 2019
The company is trying to retain its competitive edge.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Netflix, by the numbers

Jan 17, 2019
A look at the streaming service and its insatiable appetite for original content.

Abandoned carts are a big problem for online retailers

Nov 12, 2018
About 70 percent of sales die before consumers hit "buy."
In this photo illustration, electronics retailer Best Buy advertises Cyber Monday sales on the store's website in 2012. Limited sales can be an effective way to replicate the conditions that lead to impulse spending online.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

How Amazon’s Prime Day deals get to your head

Jul 10, 2017
Amazon holds its third annual Prime Day on Tuesday, when people who pay the $100 a year subscription get access to special deals. It applies to a variety of items, such as on-demand movies and paper towels. With animated graphics and countdowns galore, it’s like a carnival day at Amazon. There are no crowds, but […]

Amazon sweetens the Prime pot

Nov 3, 2011
Amazon has added another enticement to sign up for the Amazon Prime service. Now, when you pay your $79 annual fee, you get access to a lending...