FedEx and UPS hike prices for 2024, but not as much

Sep 11, 2023
Shipping companies need to cover their higher costs, but there's a limit to how much they can pass on to customers.
Carriers like UPS and FedEx know there is a limit to how much they can raise prices, said Jason Miller of Michigan State.
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Are wages keeping up with inflation? Depends on your job.

Feb 14, 2022
Some workers are seeing wage increases above the rate of inflation. But, overall, rising prices are outpacing rising wages.
Sure, wages are increasing right alongside prices right now. But, overall, prices are rising faster.
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Increased costs for small businesses have many mulling 2022 price hikes

Feb 3, 2022
Raw material and shipping expenses have shot up. But price hikes aren't the only way business owners can cover their costs.
Companies big and small are struggling with how best to battle inflation — whether that means passing it on to customers or absorbing the costs.
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To avoid price hikes, businesses are finding other ways to protect their margins

Nov 17, 2021
Some are cutting hours and reducing inventory. Others are purchasing more to get better deals from suppliers.
Some stores are stocking fewer items or reducing their hours to deal with rising costs. Other businesses are creating new purchasing, storage or delivery strategies.
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Be honest? Conceal it? Companies confront how to raise prices.

Nov 15, 2021
Rising input costs do not seem to be hurting every business' bottom line.
From major companies to the corner deli, businesses are wrestling with how best to communicate cost increases to customers.
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How sensitive are people to price hikes?

Jul 30, 2021
There is a usually a limit on how much consumers will pay for a given product. But figuring out what that limit is not easy.
Procter & Gamble, maker of Tide laundry detergent, reported expectation-breaking earnings Friday morning but warned of future product price hikes.
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