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Why do economists compare recessions to letters of the alphabet?

Sep 30, 2020
Is it a V-shaped recovery? Or a J, L, U, W or K?
What kind of economic recovery are we in, exactly?
Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

The cost of hosting a presidential debate

Oct 7, 2016
Washington University in St. Louis says it's not about the money.
Steve Givens, chair of the presidential debate steering committee at Washington University in St. Louis. "We do hang a lot of banners; we don't want anyone to forget where they are,” he said.
Kimberly Adams/Marketplace

NFL's ratings fall as more eyes go to debates

Oct 7, 2016
Not even the stalwart, football-loving crowd can resist a bruising word contest.
David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals scores a touchdown on a four-yard rush against the San Francisco 49ers during their NFL game on Thursday.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images