Fewer Americans are walking these days. What gives?

Nov 14, 2023
Linda Poon, staff writer at Bloomberg CityLab, talks about her reporting on why walking trips have declined since the start of the pandemic.
The U.S. "has generally not had a great walking track record compared to other countries. Cities here are generally built around cars," said Linda Poon, staff writer at Bloomberg CityLab.
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The traffic control bible is getting an update. Here's why you should care.

May 25, 2021
Pedestrian and bicycle-safety advocates want to rewrite the federal manual to reduce its bias toward cars.
Some argue the Manual on Traffic Control Devices is too prescriptive when it comes to designing things like crosswalks and bike lanes, and too permissive when it comes to cars.
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With fewer cars on the road, some cities make more space for walking

Apr 13, 2020
Oakland is one of the cities experimenting with closing streets to through traffic to give room to pedestrians and cyclists to maintain social distancing.
Empty highways and streets during rush hour in car-dependent Los Angeles on April 6.
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